Construction of Moscow metro station Khodynskoye Field


Author of the report — Dmitry Chistoprudov

As part of a book on the construction of the Moscow Metro I Nikolay Rykov once again went down to the ground. Third station under construction interchange circuit (Khodyn lines) of the Moscow metro is scheduled to open in the first phase in 2015. The plant will be located in a residential area Khodynsky field, near the Ice Palace on the site of an abandoned runway where, until recently, the rusting aircraft equipment.

1. Construction of the station "Khodynka" is open method of reinforced concrete in the trench. The project involves the construction of station two ground lobbies: Southern — the main entrance to the park from the Khodynsky Boulevard and north — with access to the ice palace. Now the station is working on the construction of the platform site.

2. The geometry of the struts. Depth station 30 meters — walking 10 floors underground. Construction work on the station, as well as all launch site maintained by LLC "SMU Ingeocom."

3. Along the perimeter of the pit to gain drilled concrete piles, each of which comes with a second reinforcement.


5. At each end of the station is left "window" for lowering / lifting equipment and materials. Here is unloaded filled trolleys running from the three working tunnel boring mechanized complexes.

6. Download mix for concrete mortar.

7. Concreters Yuri Bashkiria and Cyril woodpeckers at work.

8. Unloading composition.


10. Leaving thick tube of the tunnel — the air supply to a running board.



13. Tubing for the future tunnel.

14. Wagons for delivery tubing to the panel in the EMU.

15. So look for technical rails trains. For installation in a tunnel with a circular cross-section are used sleepers with curved shape.


17. Valery Shterkel. The driver of an electric discharge 3.


19. There will be technical areas under the platform of the future station. Over the "head photographer" will be the platform itself, and on the sides (where there is a person) — station tracks. It seems like it is planned that the station will be equipped with a barrage windows to prevent the fall of persons on the road.


21. Nicholas Ivanchikov, mechanic electrician.

22. Two tunnel in the direction of the future station Lower Maslivka.






28. On the surface, there is a whole fleet of clean neat trolleys, yet worldly-wise of the Moscow underground mud.


30. To be continued!

31. And anyone interested — circuit construction of the second ring of the metro.

Many thanks to the Department of construction of the city of Moscow and the press-service of "SMU Ingeocom" for organizing the survey.

Some pictures made Nikolay Rykov.

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