Construction of multipurpose sports and tourist complex AJ Hackett Sochi

In the Adler district of Sochi, in the Olympic program is under constructionmultipurpose sports and tourist complex AJ Hackett Sochi. Currently, the river Mzimta in trout farming completed installation of the base of the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. The length of the unique bridge 440 meters, and the minimum height of 218 meters above the abyss.

The total weight of the support structure will be 700 tons. After the installation of the supporting part, specialists will start to pulling metal ropes.

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In work on the concept of the project in Sochi attended by Russian architects.


Head of the project "Olympstroy" Boris Krasnopyorov spoke about the safety of the structure:

"The ropes that will connect the bridge, had a pre-stretch. It was carried out in a special factory in Germany. Ropes covered golframom — a mixture of zinc and aluminum, the new anti-corrosion alloy designed specifically for use in the most extreme conditions of the Far North and coastal areas with harsh climatic fluctuations of air temperature and humidity. "

Since 1988, thanks to the famous traveler and extremists A.Dzh.Hakkettu, extreme amusement parks set up in China, Germany, France, Australia and Singapore. Sochi complex will be the sixth in the world, with the longest suspension bridge and with the greatest system for Rope-zhampinga. Furthermore, ropes course, trolls over the precipice and an area for BASE jumping is accessible to people with disabilities.

Will be created as a climbing wall height of 18 meters, which can not only exercise, but also hold competitions up to the international level.

For lovers of extreme sports will be presented several forms of entertainment.Flying Fox— A flight through the gorge on a wire in a special saddle — for those who want to get from one side of a cliff on the other not on the bridge. FansRope jumpingwill be able to take advantage of attractionSwing.

In a multifunctional sports and tourist complex will also include: parking for cars and buses, cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices and many lookouts.

Plan multipurpose sports and tourist complexAJ Hackett Sochi.

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