Construction of phase I of the largest agro completed in Yaroslavl region

JSC "Voschazhnikovo" (Boris district of Yaroslavl region) The first stage of the dairy complex (MTC) for 2400 milking cows.

To say that this is just a set — do not say anything! Sanitary inspection, a substation, an office building, several barns, calf shed, storage for hay and feed, silage trench. Territory just do not get around, you can only go round in transport. Building site is ready for the second phase of the complex. And also in terms of building a plant for the production of animal feed.

"This is — a high-tech complex, the likes of which in the Yaroslavl region was not. Investment project — not just a significant milestone in the development of agro-industrial complex of Sts district and the Yaroslavl region, a highly agricultural sector to create a completely new living and working conditions for the people on the ground. We understand that only such a large commodity production of high-tech modern agriculture will develop the field on a qualitatively new level, will promote the integrated development of rural areas, "- said the governor.

Director General of SHP "Voschazhnikovo" Sergei neglyadya, in turn, said that the first phase consists of two barns, each rated at 1,200 animals, milking, maternity ward, spaces for appliances. Investment in the construction of the first agro-$ 2.2 billion.

"A herd of cattle formed one of the most highly productive in the world — Holstein-Friesian. Already been imported 782 cows. According to the agreement with the Dutch company — signed an agreement for the supply of three thousand cows — until the end of the year we will continue to import cattle. Equipment installed in the MTC the company "De Laval" — said S.Neglyad.

The governor also noted that the co-investor and general contractor for the construction and assembly work — JSC "ASDOR" — plans to upgrade hostels in 54-apartment house for employees of ITC. Also addressed the issue of the construction of two cottage settlements in 50 houses.

"The government has a draft of state support. Additionally, we assist in the creation of infrastructure in the design of land and property relations for the project. Guess, the investor will appreciate our efforts as it expands its presence in the region, similar agro value of 6.5 billion rubles, he plans to build in the area Myshkinskaya. already allocated a plot of land and a draft "- said S.Vahrukov.

The largest investment project in the Russian agro-industrial complex, consisting of two MTC and milk processing plant, worth 6.4 billion rubles is realized in the framework of a tripartite agreement between the Government of the Yaroslavl region, the administration of the district and of Sts SHP "Voschazhnikovo."

The second stage of MTC goals for 2400 are going to pass in October 2012, in the same year, plans to begin construction of the third line — milk processing plant to 350 tonnes per day. The project is implemented with the involvement of Vnesheconombank. The designed capacity is planned in 2014, the payback period — 8 years.

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