Construction of the bridge in Brest

The bridge is constructive with a similar bed part is constructed in Belarus for the first time. The project is carried out by specialists of the superstructure of the subsidiary "Mostovik BEL" together with a service project management "Bridges", architectural and design department and design department of the Moscow branch of the NGO "Mostovik".

"Despite the fact that the representation of" bridge builders "in Belarus is working just two and a half years, has already won a number of competitions for the design and construction of complex transportation facilities, — said Yuri nechiporenko. — According to the projects carried out in tandem with the Belarusian organizations are building an overpass over railroad tracks in Gomel. In the long term — the design and construction of an overpass over the railway and pedestrian bridge in Pinsk, made proposals for the reconstruction of the road bridge on the avenue of Pushkin in Mogilev. In addition, "Mostovik BEL" is a large-scale project in Gomel three-level road junction on the street Barykina designed by the architects of the head office "bridge builders".

Specialists subsidiary "Mostovik BEL" started installation of 70-foot arch of the channel span of the bridge over the river Mukhavets in Brest (Belarus). The new bridge crossing not only relieve traffic flows in the area of Brest Fortress, but will be the starting point for a new road — Western Bypass around the regional center.

"At the end of February started mounting the center span of the bridge across Mukhavets — said the head of the NGO" Mostovik "in the Republic of Belarus Yuri nechiporenko. — Assembled and exposed beams in the design position torque, the ends of which will be fixed arch. Overhead metal weighing about 1,000 tons produced and delivered MCW NGO "Mostovik". For the construction of the span was chosen mounting on solid scaffold. Over the next two months, the builders will have to install the longitudinal and transverse beams of the superstructure, mount the arch and the guys. "

Recall that in March visited Minsk Omsk delegation led by Governor Viktor Nazarov. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has called Omsk region prospective partner, noting that the country is working representation of Omsk NGO "Mostovik".

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