Construction of the bridge in Kaliningrad


In Kaliningrad the construction of a bridge leading from the neighborhood, "Selma" on the Soviet prospectus. Overpass will be part of the new route, which will be held parallel to the street. Narva and out of the Soviet Avenue in the streets of Gaidar.

As narrated. about. Regional Development Minister Alexei Klyuneev infrastructure, the bridge will have four lanes — two in each direction. Also on the line will be provided for sidewalks and zaezdnyh pockets for public transport.

Now on the site preparation work is already under way — is laying the roadbed for the movement of heavy vehicles and mine clearance.

In addition, the project will develop a drive along the market, "Selma" and the railway, for going to the ring road. There will also be extended to the ring on the street. Bitter and isolation in the area between the store "Baucenter" and Sports Complex"Amber".

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