Construction of the center Evik in the Tyumen region

Today was in the village of Kulakovo, found a interesting building, all the photos are mine. Information taken from the news in July 2009.
Logistic Center "Evik" is built in Gorky municipality.
This is one of the largest investment projects implemented today in Tyumen region. Center will occupy an area of over 100 hectares. 

Here are scheduled on 4 acres of greenhouses, processing plant 40 tons of milk per shift, shop for the manufacture of canned and semi-finished construction of 150 houses and more, the press service of the regional administration.

Today, the number one task — to enter the processing plant. However, this is a factory where under one roof, insulated from each other blocs will produce 2 tons of fish, 4 tons of meat, 8 tons of canned vegetables, a variety of semi-finished products. Well-lit rooms with high ceilings decorated with durable and eco-friendly materials.
At the end of the summer is expected to start production of meat and fish products. "Evik" will offer jerky, smoked fish, canned fish in various sauces, fill, and pickles, and preserves. It will be made main dishes — in chilled, frozen, fried, and cakes, pizza, ravioli …

In the workshops completed interior with modern durable materials, purchased all the necessary equipment — a high-performance, high-tech and environmentally friendly. For example, the smoking of fish and meat in special chambers will be no release of hazardous substances deposited on the products. And here is the recipe you plan to use the old, Gostovskaya. That is, if the stew — a meat, instead of soybean.
"The plant will be a minimum of manual labor, — says deputy director of the future enterprise Nicholas Babin. — Work with us — a pleasure! ". 
This pleasure will be able to experience for yourself and the residents of the Tyumen region. At the meeting, the head of "Capital" Andrew Linnik with the management of the logistics center reached an agreement on training for "EVIC" through training programs.
In addition, the processing plant is ready to buy meat at the regional agricultural cooperative and owners of private farms. 


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