Construction of the media center in Sochi

Invillage Esto-Sadokin the complex "Gorky Gorod"suited to the final construction of the media center. Fully prepared facades of the building, is finishing and decorative interior decoration, landscaping adjacent territory and connection systems engineering.

During the 2014 Games, he will be the second venue for the media after the main media center in the Imereti Valley. Hence zhurnalists will live broadcasts of competitions that will take place in the mountains. In September, specialists will start the installation of television equipment.

© / FOTO: Rauno Volmar



Media Center — a multi-functional building that housed offices of news spacious rooms, halls for press conferences, Broadcasting Centre, studio hardware, service centers photos and video, restaurant and recreation area. Particular attention is paid to comfort people with disabilities.

During the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2014 hotel and apartment complexes "Hills City" serve as the basis of accommodation journalists were covering the event in the mountain cluster, and the guests of honor.

Complex "Gorky Gorod" is divided into two parts — the lower and upper located at elevations of 540 and 960 meters above sea level and are connected by cable car and the road.

The project is the lower part of the complex at an altitude of 540 meters has developed Workshop Mikhail Filippov.There is already built under the roof of the hotel, apart-hotels and facilities service infrastructure. But ahead of the scope of work is still very large.

The state of construction on June 2, 2013.

© / FOTO: Rauno Volmar

Near the construction site is located EstonianEsto-Sadok village. I want to believe that the construction of the resort and have a positive impact on the income of ordinary people in the future will not have to block the misery plastic fences.


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