Construction of the Taishet aluminum smelter will resume by the end of summer

Rusal plans in June 2011 to complete the fundraising for the completion of the Taishet aluminum smelter and to resume construction by the end of the summer. This was announced during a conference call Director of Capital Markets Oleg Muhamedshin.

In 2007, Rusal has started construction of the Taishet aluminum smelter in the Irkutsk region of 750 tonnes of aluminum per year, the estimated amount of investment — about $ 2 billion Building Boaz and TaAZa was suspended after a sharp decline in demand and prices for aluminum in December 2008 in BoAZ had invested $ 251 million in TaAZ — $ 495 million, and the willingness of the first start-up complex TaAZa is 60%, Boaz — 30%. The first batch of aluminum at the plant is scheduled for release in late 2009, construction completion scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2011 tax revenues during the construction period are expected to be $ 7 billion rubles., During the operational phase — 3.4 billion rubles. year.

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