Construction of two industrial parks began in Tomsk

Company "GAZSERVIS", which won the auction to build the infrastructure of Tomsk industrial parks cost 1.2 billion rubles, began construction on the site in the Northern industrial zone. 

Tomsk authorities decided to set up on the outskirts of the city industrial park two: one for the engineering enterprises (North area) and the second for the food industry (site Birch). The general contractor for the project until 2015 following an open auction was the company JSC "GAZSERVIS."

"We are starting to implement an important project for the city — the construction of industrial parks. There is a need to create a new modern production. This is the first area (North), where such opportunities (for the creation and development of modern industries) industrial enterprises will get the full", — told reporters, Staff at a retreat for the construction of industrial parks Acting Tomsk Mayor Eugene Parshuto.

In turn, the chief of department of capital construction Alexey Safronov said that in 2013 the construction of infrastructure, industrial parks and industrial area in North Birch Street will be allocated 299 million rubles (188 million rubles — the federal subsidy and 111 million — means the area). The money will go mainly for leading to the sites of utilities.

"This year, the problem that we have identified for that amount: felling of trees, vertical planning, engagement of electric power equipment, water and sanitation. And the next year — it’s wired network (s) within the grounds. They have a large extent: North area — 115 hectares, Birch — 28 hectares, "- said Safronov.

In parallel with the creation of industrial parks infrastructure, according to the mayor’s office will continue to search for new residents, and revised the terms of agreements with existing. "Now the main task is to fill Prompark real company, which during the year are determined with their plans and in parallel we will visit the site," — said Parshuto.

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