Construction output in Kiev reached record highs

The pace of construction in Kiev during the first half of this year, almost twice exceeded the figures for the same period in 2009. The press service of Kyiv City State Administration.

Over the past six months Kiev built 550.827 thousand square meters of housing, that is, more than ever before in its history. As chairman of the KSCA, Alexander Popov, the city managed to surpass even last year’s record.

"Only during the first half of the year in Kiev, an increase in the volume of housing construction by 3.4% compared to last year. And last year, as you remember, was a record. If we compare the rate of construction with the volume of 2009, we will see that we have growth to 50%. We collected intensive pace of construction and planning to increase them further, "- said Alexander Popov.

According to him, the revival of the construction industry to be held in Kiev and by the introduction of Affordable Housing Program.

Recall that last year, the capital was put into operation 1,501 million square meters, exceeding the achievements of socialist construction times.

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