Construction works on the reconstruction of the railway station Donetsk

Construction work on the reconstruction of the railway station "Donetsk" completed. The press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

"All the construction work is fully completed, and now experts are actively involved in starting-up and adjustment works," — said the head of the Donetsk railway Nikolay Rogov.

According to Rogov, recently earned all escalators, elevators are preparing to launch in the near future, at the station facilities assembled new furniture. Therefore, the timetable approved by the Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Infrastructure Borys Kolesnikov holds.

According to the report, the new station complex "Donetsk" will be able to serve more than 35 million passengers a day.

Station complex includes: transit and commuter train stations (with a capacity of 150 and 400 respectively), large and small concourse (transitions above the track), two shopping complexes, the staging point for the bus service, as well as the main building of the "old" station, which is fully restored. In general, the capacity of the station will increase from 700 to 2.25 million people.

"The changes were not only the appearance, but also the entire infrastructure of the station complex — ways, catenary, signaling and communications, built a modern office centralization of power (paragraph traffic control at the station), converted platforms, platforms, provided parking and much more" — said the press service.

As the head of the Donetsk railway, special attention is paid to passengers with disabilities. For them, there are special rooms, toilets, ramps, and six lifts will allow them to easily go down on all of the platforms in any train.

Now station "Donetsk" ready to accept modern train accelerated motion — Hyundai and Skoda. They will provide high-speed communication between Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Mariupol and Lugansk. Korean Hyundai trains will ply the route Kiev-Donetsk and Czech Skoda — carry passengers circular routes: the

"To organize the rapid movement of trains Hyundai and Skoda was a lot of work on the preparation of the railway infrastructure. On the site of Donetsk railway Lozovaja-Slavic-Kostiantynivka-Yasinovataya-Donetsk, length of 212.4 km, different types of repairs made healthier approximately 200 km of track, upgraded 350 km catenary system has been replaced by 2.5 thousand poles, aligned with increased security requirements of paragraph 84 stops and 32 crossings. This large-scale work from the time of independence of Ukraine ", — said Rogov.

Preparations for Euro 2012 is held exclusively at their own expense railway. "Not a penny of budget funds for the construction of a new railway station and the accelerated modernization of land is used up" — summed up the head of the Donetsk railway.

Earlier, in the Office for the preparation and holding of Euro 2012 Donetsk City Council reported that in 2011 the reconstruction of the railway station "Donetsk" spent 558.6 million UAH.

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