Consumption of alcoholic beverages in Udmurtia decreased by 15%

At 15% reduction in Udmurtia consumption of alcoholic beverages, including 29% — strong alcohol (vodka, liqueurs), 11% — brandy, 3% — of wine, 4% — beer compared to the same period last year. These figures were cited at the last day before the press conference Minister of trade and services Udmurtia Peter Ponomarev.

Almost twice reduced the number of alcohol poisoning death.
This, the minister said, the result of the measures that have been taken recently in Udmurtia to reduce alcohol consumption. Among them republican laws to restrict the hours of sale of alcohol restriction on age, administrative sanctions on citizens who violate the laws — both buyers and sellers. Only in this direction, in the Republic six interdepartmental programs. 
Peter Ponomarev said that a few years ago at the level of the Russian Federation developed the concept of reducing the public consumption of alcohol. By 2020 it is planned to achieve a reduction of 55%.
Now, according to the minister, Udmurtia has sales of alcoholic beverages 5 out of 14 subjects of the PPO. Republic is one of the first places that explains Peter Ponomarev, is of great importance because statistics on the sale of alcohol. According to him, the Company now Udmurtia tight control over the producers of alcoholic beverages, sale of alcohol, and built a system of mandatory declaration: 3.5 thousands of commercial enterprises of the country is carried out monthly return for the sale of alcoholic beverages.
The work we perform, analyzing the state of affairs in this area, said Peter Ponomarev, one can detect illegal trafficking that exists in Russia as a whole, and in Udmurtia. In Russia it is at 40%, in Udmurtia — in the range of 2-5%. Therefore, the minister said, in the country formally considered a high consumption of alcoholic beverages, although there are regions where the consumption is much less documented, but there is a huge problem with illegal, that is, unrecorded alcohol.

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