Containers for Russian weapons are not afraid of fire and downs

Containers for missiles, rockets and other munitions that could protect them from the heat of combustion and falling from a height of human growth created for the Russian Defense Ministry experts holding company "PT HIMKOMPOZIT." It became known from the message of the year 29.06.2012 1st deputy director of K.Shubskogo. At present the whole range of safe storage of ammunition in the Russian state is in line with the creation of new weapons and equipment, and the formation of the Armed Forces. Recently, due to improper storage of ammunition, neglect of their functions and duties and violations of fire safety rules each year in warehouses and bases Forces emergencies occur.

Reduce the effects of such incidents suggests the company "PT HIMKOMPOZIT" having for a number of innovations. The most interesting development in this area — container and its modification for the Russian ammunition and missiles, flame-retardant performance. Packaging option for the Rockets managed type was presented recently at the 2nd Forum "Engineering Technologies — 2012" in Zhukovsky near Moscow. When creating innovative packaging military demanded that the developers do it with the following: — If the outside temperature reaches 1500 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the container should be no more than 170 degrees — ammunition inside the container, if dropped from a height of 2 meters should not suffer fall. At present, the company‘s specialists have successfully tested the durability and strength of the thermal effect. Tests showed that the packaging complies with the requirements of the military and has a large supply of the future. Another interesting feature of the container — by weight characteristics it to its wooden counterpart. As the 1st deputy director of "RT-HIMKOMPOZIT" Russian Defense Ministry has not be required to perform an armored container, but he believes that if such a request is received, the company’s specialists are ready to carry it out in the near future. Already a mathematical matrix can simulate different versions of cold boxes for any customer. "We will be able to conduct virtual testing of new types of container even before the real test will be conducted," — said K.Shubsky. "At this time we do not have a serial order for such containers, but we will try to invite senior management MIC and the military establishment, on the visual test innovative products of our holding, among whom are testing termotary where clearly demonstrate the benefits of the product and the benefits of mass production" — said 1st Deputy Director General of "RT-HIMKOMPOZIT" K.Shubsky.

PS Some may say that — what does packaging to the development of the armed forces of Russia, however, we note that even the new models of ammunition and weapons come mostly in wooden packing and containers, and stored in databases and warehouses with long obsolete types of ammunition, containers which come into complete disrepair. And in the event of an emergency situation at storage depots, new ammunition and equipment to suffer and will be ruined because of — the old collapsed container, which has already become highly explosive long.

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