Converted from a cargo ship cargo and the ship was launched on Yauza near Murmansk


A large transport ship "Yauza" converted from cargo ship in the ice-class cargo and passenger vessel, October 8, launched on after repair at the shipyard Snezhnogorsk "Seal" in the Murmansk region, said the spokesperson Irina Anzulatova plant.

The ship was delivered to the area of dockside "Seal" for the repair and modernization in 2008. His term of service by the time has passed for 35 years.

"In fact, the shipbuilders" Nerpa "have built a new ship. From the old" Jauzy "there was only a body — all original superstructure and equipment were removed from the ship. During deep modernization of the ship was completed residential unit, mounted modern management system," — said Anzulatova.

According to her, the ship is not only altered in appearance, but also received a new assignment. The former cargo ship converted by the cargo and ship ice-550M project. On the ship set new diesel generators, powerful crane equipment that will facilitate and speed up the loading and unloading operations, fully updated security systems and communications. The vessel is equipped with a new system of management.

The Sea ritual to clean water ship was seen off everyone who was involved in updating it — builders of ships, korpusniki-repairers, engineers, designers, representatives of the Technical Department of the Navy, the military office, designers.




"When on board the ship was smashed a bottle of champagne, Doc" Pallada ", which is fixed on the stocks" Yauza "began to slowly move away from the factory dock. Upon reaching the deepest point of the bay Kut," Pallada "once again plunge to release to clean water" Yauza "," — said the spokesperson.

After launching and outfitting of the ship to go work mooring and state tests to check the operation of all machinery and equipment. Shipbuilders "Nerpa" will give the Navy ship with an updated modern complex control systems, communication systems, navigation and a powerful crane equipment, meets all the requirements of the Register.

"The original contract cost of repairs amounted to more than 1.5 billion rubles, but in fact the upgrade was carried out by more than 3.5 billion rubles. Now resolved the issue with the Ministry of Defence for compensation for these costs," — added the spokeswoman.

During the renovation and modernization of the life of the ship extended to 10 years, with the possibility of renewal for a similar period.

Large marine dry cargo transport "Yauza" was launched in December 1974 at the Kherson Shipyard, one year later the ship was raised by the naval flag. The main task of the ship — to ensure viability of Novaya Zemlya. The ship took tens of thousands of sea miles and carried thousands of tons of cargo during the years of Arctic navigation.


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