Cops arrested for taking a bribe of $ 200 thousand


In Moscow, for receiving a bribe of 200,000 dollars arrested three police officers. For this amount they promised capital businessmen stop checking his firm.

One of the arrested policemen, Denis Nikiforov, works Auditor Licensing and Inspection Department of the Interior Ministry of Transportation for the Central Federal District. Two others, Paul tattoo and Denis Sharov, serve in the department of economic security and the fight against corruption in the southern administrative district of the capital of the Interior Ministry, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the Investigation Committee, tattoo carried out the inspection according to the fraud, illegal business and money laundering perpetrated by the CEO of "Style Capital." Determined to get rich, he and his accomplices businessman offered for 200 thousand dollars to completely stop proving his firm. However, as reported by Life news, for the credibility of tattoos and Balls seized financial documents entrepreneur, his personal computer and diary.

"To get things back the owner, the police demanded his substantial reward — $ 50 thousand and four million rubles. Before transferring the money to the police businessman"- Reported in law enforcement.

In the head office of the police explained that a civil mediator and one policeman were arrested on Friday in the preparation of bills of that amount-dummies. Two other police officers were arrested later.

On Tatueva criminal case of attempted bribery on a large scale. He faces imprisonment of 15 years with a fine of 70 times the amount of bribe. The other participants in the mediation of suspected cases, and can get to prison for 12 years.

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