Corporation Biscuit-Chocolate has started formation of Christmas gifts

Corporation "Biscuit-Chocolate" has started formation of Christmas gifts, the first party which traditionally go to the U.S. market. Start shipping the products weighing about a ton already taken place, and after the company began to form sweet we launched for other countries that annually become buyers of these products: Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and others.

 In general, the same as last year, about 40% of these kits the company plans to export. This season, the company has developed a line of 14 colorfully decorated gift in cardboard boxes and in the form of soft toys in the weight range from 270 g to 760 g

As usual, the Christmas sets "Biscuit-Chocolate" contains a wide range of products, where the combination of chocolate and chocolate wafer candy bars on the basis of nougat, chocolate, sand tarts, cookies and other products.
"Biscuit-Chocolate" expects to release a Christmas gift no less than last year — about 250 thousand.

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