Corrosion-resistant nano-coating of Metaclay for

gas pipelines

VNIGAZ gave a positive opinion on the effectiveness of the use of nano "Metaclay" for large diameter pipes.

OOO "Gazprom VNIIGAZ" praised anti-corrosion coatings company "Metaclay" for large diameter pipes used in the construction of gas pipelines. Finally, it was issued as a result of technological tests, during which the large diameter pipes was applied to the outer three-layer polyethylene coating corrosion.

Experimental application of this coating was demonstrated by the Chairman of the Management Board of OAO "Gazprom" Alexey Miller during his visit to Izhora Pipe Plant. 

Innovation represented by JSC "Metaclay" of the material is in the technology, thanks to which the properties of the final product are improved many times: the shelf life of pipes increased to 60-80 years, increased stamina and strength of the coating at low temperatures (down to — 600 ° C), increased lifetime at high temperatures (up to +800 ° C) and reduced permeability tubing, and also the destruction of the material under the action of solar radiation.

"The use of corrosion-resistant nano-coating allows the long-term to significantly reduce the cost of operating pipelines, — said General Director of" Metaclay " Sergei Shtepa.- This is due to the fact that the so-coated tubes did not actually require repair throughout the lifetime. Terms such improvements are minor — the coating of 1 meter diameter pipes 1420 mm in 30 seconds. "

The cooperation of "Metaclay" with "Gazprom" began in 2011 as part of programs to stimulate demand for nanotech products in the gas industry, implemented by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.

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