Corrupt Ilya Farber received 7 years and 1 month of strict regime

The court found Ilya Farber guilty to charges of bribery and abuse

MOSCOW, August 1 — rape. Ostashkovsky City Court sentenced the Tver region of rural teachers Ilya Farber to 7 years and 1 month of imprisonment in a penal colony, Farber also ordered to pay a fine in the amount of 3.1 million rubles.  

Farber, speaking Thursday with the last word, said he did not commit the crime. In his opinion, prove it, including the testimony of the head of Yuri Gorohova subcontractor, who wrote a letter of extortion, as well as the recognized representative of the victims of the rural settlement moshenki Helena Fokine. Protection required to remove from Farber all charges and acquit.

Earlier, the Tver Regional Court convicted and sentenced Farber to eight years of imprisonment in a penal colony, but in November 2012 the Supreme Court overturned the verdict and sent the case back for reconsideration Ostashkovsky court.

According to the case file, Farber in July-August 2011 was 300,000 rubles from the director of a commercial organization for having allowed the contractor to continue repairs in a room recreation center, and a month later still of the order of 132 thousand rubles for the signing of the certificate of completion. In fact, the work was not carried out in full, and, according to investigators, signing said act, he caused damage to the budget institutions in the amount of 941 thousand rubles.

Some media reported that the contractor is not in a hurry to fulfill its obligation to repair the club, so Farber allegedly partially invested in the repair of their own money. After finishing work Farber demanded of the contractor CEO pay him back. When the money was director of DC was arrested by the FSB. Journalists call Farber, a few years ago who moved from Moscow to the village moshenki Ostashkovsky district, "a rural teacher." According to them, he taught the village children drawing, history, and literature.

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