Corvette Courageous crew ready for the universe


March 16, 2012 at the shipyard "Severnaya Verf" took place the presentation of the Third Committee of the Baltic Fleet corvette "Courageous" 20380 for readiness of the ship under the check of personnel.

Corvette "Courageous" is based on the 20380 "Severnaya Verf" commissioned by the Ministry of Defence.

To date, all of the systems on the ship survivability presented and delivered to the customer. The fact of readiness for the universe speaks about working out in practice of all vitality and life-support systems of order. Begins collaboration plant and Navy to prepare for the transfer of a ship in the Baltic Fleet. According to the schedule have been tested in operation of the ventilation system, air-conditioning, living quarters, galley, medical unit. Tanks ship ready to receive fresh water. Will take control cooking food in the galley. Begins the process of introduction of personnel on the ship.

In accordance with the charts of the transfer of customer orders in 1003 will take place in 2012.

Previous ship the same project corvette "savvy" given the Russian Navy in October 2011.

This fact is further proof of an established series construction of ships for "Northern Shipyard".

Based on: FlotProm, 21.03.12,

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