Cosmodrome East: the progress of construction (February — March 2013)

Currently deployed construction works on 8 spaceport facilities: under construction industrial construction and maintenance base spaceport construction (the first and second stages) of roads and railways spaceport launch and technical building systems, the establishment of an external power supply spaceport.

Works on objects made spaceport forces branch of FSUE "GUSS" Dalspetsstroy "at Spetsstroy Russia" and subcontracted organizations: Federal State Unitary Enterprise "GUSST number 9 at Spetsstroy Russia", JSC "TMK", LLC "PMK-2", ZAO "SU-8" , LLC "Ushio", LLC "Vostokstroymehanizatsiya."

Currently, the spaceport construction sites involved over 3,500 people. Builders are located in the renovated barracks, taken from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, and the shift in organized camps stationed at construction sites launch and technical complexes. Built to date accommodation camp can accommodate up to 4500 people. In addition, contracts for the supply of residential cars, designed for 1,200.

In 2013, the planned works on installation of above-ground parts of the buildings, the start of finishing work, the unit of inter-connection of utilities to the construction of buildings and facilities, equipment, and supply of equipment and technical complex: MIK RN, RCN "Soyuz-2" storage units "Soyuz -2 ", the spacecraft, RB and AU, power unit, transborder Gallery, refrigeration plant, boiler, buildings MOE, metrological complex and treatment facilities.

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