Cossack regiments marked the anniversary of the victory of Bogdan Khmelnitsky

The Cossacks "Mamayeva Sloboda" noted the 358 th anniversary of the victory of the regiments of Bogdan Khmelnitsky

The Battle of the Shivers-field or The Battle of Ohmatovom— Battle between the Russian-Cossack army under the command of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Basil Sheremeteva and Polish-Crimean army under the command of Stanislav Potocki, Stanislaus Lyantskoronskogo and Mehmed IV Giray 19-22 January 1655 during the Russian-Polish war of 1654-1667.

The battle took place under Ohmatovom, south of White Church, a strong cold, why, and got the name. Polish-Tatar forces had the numerical advantage, so Khmelnitsky and Sheremet chose defensive tactics, building a camp of wagons and sheltered there, beating off enemy attacks. Was repulsed several attacks, but then the camp was broken, the Cossacks and the Russian army was saved appearance on the field of battle body of Ivan Bohun, who knocked the Polish cavalry charge and Tatars from the camp and joined up with Khmelnitsky. In the end, Russian and Cossack army was forced to retreat to the White Church, where the Russian army was located governor Andrew Buturlina.

Polish-Crimean troops, however, because of the large losses could continue to advance. Battle, so to stop the advance of the Polish-Tatar troops in the Ukraine. Retreating Crimean Tatars plundered villages and drove the inhabitants into slavery. Khmelnitsky sent 10000th Corps under Bohun pursue the Tatars and he broke the 40000th Tatar army on the way to the Crimea and freed the prisoners.


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