Cost-effective insulin pens from the Ural scientists

Urals scientists have developed a unique insulin pen for diabetics. The new device is created by specialists in the Ural biopharmaceutical cluster NOVOURALSK plant "Medsintez".
This technology will compete with foreign manufacturers even.

Note that the project was the development of the Ural innovation center "Skolkovo". The plant’s management has already prepared the relevant documents for the export of insulin pens in the EU, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and others.

"Insulin — this is not a business, it is our drug safety. It’s peace of mind of millions of our Russians. July 25 Plant received a positive decision to file a patent application. After that, the cost of a set of handles foreign fell from 1 400 thousand rubles. up to 800 rubles. It is necessary to create competition for foreigners and to push their prices down, "- said a member of the supervisory board of the Ural biopharmaceutical cluster, a member of the State Duma Committee on Health, Alexander Petrov.

Experts note that the Ural insulin pen will be much cheaper than their foreign counterparts.  "Plant yourself participating in tenders for sale, as do many manufacturers, who in turn wind the 20%. We believe that it is wrong. Our price will be economical in the area of 600-700 rubles. per pack of five pens "- said Petrov.

According to the chief endocrinologist Sverdlovsk region Anne Malishevskaya, diabetics who are registered will receive free Ural insulin pen in the attached pharmacies. The doctor said that only in Yekaterinburg today there were 36 thousand people with diabetes, there are also children.


Pen, which developed the plant from 2011 to 2013, allows patients with diabetes to select the desired dose with high precision. Alexei Podkorytov CEO "Medsintez" expects that this device will enable the company to gain a foothold in new markets.

Today ‘Medsintez"Produces two forms of genetically engineered human insulin -" Rosinsulin P "(short-acting) and" Rosinsulin C "(long-acting) in vials and cartridges. Since 2009, when it opened a production plant annual production of drugs has increased by 20-30%, expanding the supply of 30 regions. Now "Rosinsulin" is registered in Kyrgyzstan. By the end of the year the plant’s management intends to complete the registration in Ukraine and Pakistan. According to Alexander Petrov, the clinical trials of the drug are in Eastern Europe.

In the future, "Medsintez" intends to abandon the packaging of insulin in vials. Mr. Podkorytov believes that the form of vials, common in virtue of its low price, fast losing ground. "The reduction in market share will inevitably bottles, and we hope to completely move away from such packaging in Russia, leaving part of the production to countries where the price is the deciding factor," — he said.

In July, the plant received agreed with the Ministry of Health changes in the pharmaceutical articles enterprise, allowing sale of prefilled insulin pens on the territory of the Russian Federation. In September, "Medsintez" is going to release the first 160 thousand products. In 2014, the company namerno translate most patients taking "Rosinsulin", a new form of production. This will increase production to 1.5 million units per year.

Major competitors’ Medsintez "in Russia — company Eli Lilly and Sanofi-Aventis, which produce genetically engineered insulins in prefilled syringe pens. Alexei Podkorytov believes that "Medsintez" there is a price advantage. "The average recorded price of prefilled pen with a genetically engineered insulin from foreign manufacturers — 1150-1296 rubles. packing VAT and wholesale trade allowances, — he says. — We plan to register at the cost of 800 rubles. for the same package. "

The volume of investments in new project management company did not disclose. According to experts, it is a sum in excess of 100 million rubles.…u-236754594 # ixzz2cdN8iHxB 

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