Crazy plans on climate change




What is happening with our troubled planet, causing panic in the slender ranks of scientists.

As recently as last week, they clearly hinted that the next 50 years due to global warming will die a quarter of the existing species of animals and plants.
Humanity must be saved from the impending threat! With this purpose, reputable climate scientists gathered in Cambridge — to discuss the latest theories and analyze the most fantastic deals to combat global warming. Present at the meeting of the high-Sir David King solemnly warned that climate change is the most serious problem of civilization. Then began the scientists dispute that was not born one truth.
To address the problem came from two directions. Option one: protect the Earth from the troubles outside. To do this, proposed to create a massive shield in space, which will take over the excess solar radiation, stabilize the climate and ultimately save mankind from improper global warming. "Building materials" are different. For example, emissions from space rockets into orbit billions of thin metal plates, which for hundreds of years will absorb a certain amount of solar energy and then throw it back into space. Or derived using aircraft in the upper atmosphere ultra-thin metal net that do not allow sunlight to reach the Earth. Or released in the stratosphere millions balloons in the metal shell filled with helium under high pressure. Within 5 years they will serve as a barrier to the ravages of the star called the sun, and then fall, and then they must be replaced. But first fall. All at once …
"Space umbrella" will be able to block about 1% of solar energy — enough to significantly cool the Mother Earth. The idea came from the study of the effects of volcanic eruptions in Indonesia in 1814, when the upper layers of the atmosphere got so much ash that temperature for almost three years decreased by 30%.
Option Two: Fix climate inside. We'll have to slightly modify the oceans, so that they can cope with warming. On the surface will be placed floating mechanisms that create clouds and underwater plantation arranged algae absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. It would be well to build a giant tanks of salt water, to avoid rising sea levels due to melting polar ice caps … Humanity will wake up one day Ytrom — and do not know their home planet: in the blue sky fun to hang out millions of balls, algae absorb carbon dioxide, the sun warms gently, breathe easy and bin Laden caught.


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