Create a map of the risk of heat waves in Europe

Create a map of the risk of heat waves in Europe Facts

European Environment Agency unveiled its project to create an interactive map, which presents the risk of the zone of heat waves in cities of Europe. Projections are for the next six decades and consider the most likely trends in climate conditions based on the known facts of the present climate.

According to agency staff, most heat waves should be afraid of the southern part of Spain, parts of southern France, Italy, Greece, Serbia and western regions of Turkey. In these territories over the next decade is expected to be 50 days in the year when the daily temperature exceeds 35 ° C, the temperature at night in a row it drops below +20 ° C.
The lowest risk of heat waves during the period 2071 to 2100 is expected on the northern edge of continental Europe, the British Isles, Scandinavia and the southern Baltic. The projections for the entire card account data from 500 European cities. In order to form a map takes information about urban areas, because it was there in the first place at high temperatures occur during heating of concrete and asphalt "heat islands."

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Map of the Agency in addition to data on the thermal waves depicted as related information. There are green areas, which can have a cooling effect in urban areas, the population density in each city that has a direct impact on the prevalence of green space, the height of buildings to store heat, etc.

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