Created by Russian-Italian alliance to research in the field of shipbuilding.

Fincantieri, one of the world’s leading shipbuilding corporations and Krylov State Research Center, one of the world’s most prestigious centers for research in the field of shipbuilding, signed a basic agreement to jointly develop new projects focusing on innovative technologies in the industry. 

In agreement with an initial term of 5 years is stipulated that a number of initiatives will be partners in their respective fields, including joint research and development konstruktorskieraboty, the implementation of a new generation of products and services.
For a company Fincantieri this agreement not only opens up the prospects for technological progress, but also is an extremely important development in the strategic plan. In fact, a unique research and development, design base Krylovskogo center in the field of designing technologically sophisticated vessels and marine facilities tehnikimozhet be extremely useful to the Italian company in achieving the common goal of developing the most efficient ships and offshore structures in accordance with the highest international standards. Cooperation with Fincantieri and the exchange of knowledge, in turn, are very beneficial for Krylovskogo center as provide access to a huge database of technical and industrial know-how in the construction of technologically sophisticated vessels and promote their business.

Joint activities of companies will open a new page in the history of the specialized shipbuilding and Russian-Italian cooperation. In the near future will be determined by the first project to develop a technologically sophisticated ship that will require joint venture companies.

Giuseppe Bono (Guiseppe Bono), President of Fincantieri: "We believe that the agreement with Krylovskiy Center, the world-renowned center for the most authoritative in terms of R & D in the field of shipbuilding, is a strategically important decision. We believe that the technical innovation as the main engine development is an essential tool to counter the destructive effects of the crisis, such as that which currently has caused changes in the global scenario. cooperation with our Russian colleagues can help us move forward in this direction, contributing to the further development and consolidation of earlier leadership position while maintaining high quality of work . "

Andrew Dutov, CEO Krylovskogo State Scientific Center: "I hope that the cooperation between our companies, based on a unique engineering design experience and modern research-based Krylovskogo Center, combined with the extensive experience of Fincantieri in the design and construction of marine equipment of varying degrees of complexity will achieve synergies in the development of modern high-tech facilities and marine equipment will lead to their success in the global shipbuilding market products. "

Fincantieri is one of the world’s largest shipbuilding corporations that produced more than 7,000 ships for more than 200 years of its existence. The company is a world leader in the design of cruise ships and other reputable manufacturer of equipment, from warships to sea voyage ferries from mega yachts to specialized vessels with high-value-added, technology for ship repair and modernization, as well as offshore platforms.

Corporate Headquarters is located in Trieste, total number of employees is approximately 20,000 people, of which 8400 — in Italy, the company owns 21 shipyard on three continents, the total income of 4 billion euros. In addition, with the recent purchase STXOSV — a company admitted to trading on the Stock Exchange of Singapore and now renamed VARD — twice corporation increased in size and ranks fourth among the world’s shipbuilding companies, behind only three Korean companies, and is the only Western producer in terms of diversification and representation in every sector of the production of products with high added value, able to compete with the Asian giant companies. Fincantieri is represented in the U.S., where the corporation operates branch FincantieriMarineGroup (FMG). This company, working with both commercial and government customers with, which include the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, has three shipyards (MarinetteMarine, BayShipbuilding, AceMarine), located in the Great Lakes. In the UAE, Fincantieri presented by EtihadShipBuilding — a joint venture between MelaraMiddleEast AlFattanShipIndustries and development, production and sale of commercial and military ships of various types, as well as for maintenance and retooling. Since 1990 Fincantieri company was built 65 cruise ships a total value of 28 billion U.S. dollars.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Scientific Center Krylovskiy" is one of the world leaders in the research and design of technologically sophisticated vessels and marine engineering facilities with more than 100-year history. A unique experimental design and research base of the Centre can solve the challenges of shipbuilding: hydrodynamics, strength, energy, acoustics, studies of the physical fields, and also to predict and validate the program of construction of Russian naval vessels and objects of art. During the years of activity in the laboratories of the Center Krylovskogo tests were carried out more than 12 thousand of models of ships and other marine structures, more than 20 thousand of semi-natural and natural hull structures have been tested on the stands of the enterprise, designed more than 10 thousand propellers and other propulsion. On the Center’s projects built more than 2,600 vessels and ships, an examination of more than 2,000 projects and other marine structures.

Krylovskiy Competence Center is implementing a system integrator and a generator modernization of the Russian shipbuilding industry through the creation of an integrated advanced technological advance and the subsequent scientific and technological support implementation. In the framework of international cooperation Krylovskiy Center has a wide geography of its customers and is working on the creation of innovative marine engineering facilities in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

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