Creating a holding company GS GROUP: Russian high technologies have on the international market

Russia’s largest developer and manufacturer of high technology reached the international market, creating an international holding company GS Group. Holding was formed on the basis of the Corporation "General Satellite"For 22 years, known as the leading Russian manufacturer of the equipment in the field of broadcasting.

Video of the press conference, RIA Novosti

The Russian corporation "General Satellite" has always been focused on creating high-tech industry, competitive on the world market. Today, the company is entering a new phase of development, combining different lines of business in different sectors and markets with a new international brand — GS Group.

In the first years of its existence Corporation has implemented a number of successful international production projects — like the assembly of foreign equipment in Russia, and in the mass production of its products in Southeast Asia.

The economic crisis of 2008 caused a significant decline in production. During this period the corporation "General Satellite" has adopted a new strategy of refocusing on the company’s internal resources and the development of a comprehensive diversification of their production facilities.

The company has identified three main areas of activity: development and implementation of their own broadcast of "turnkey" for all types of broadcast television around the world, the development of their own production in traditional and in new areas for the company, search for and implementation of breakthroughs in technological innovation.

"Today we can say with confidence that each of the three areas have achieved considerable success, which confirms the belief that the chosen strategy," — commented the director of strategic marketing for GS Group Katerina Gamadzhan. According to her, achieved good results led to the logical solution — to unite all the activities being developed by the company today, in multiotraslevoy private international high-tech holding company — GS Group.

"We realize that the output of Russian technologies on the international market today — not quite a common practice — explains Catherine Gamadzhan. — We recognize that to be a pioneer of hard, but deliberately going to take that risk, and, as our reach now, this risk is justified. "

Among the successes that prides GS Group, — the launch of international broadcasting projects. GS Group acts as an initiator, technological and business integrator and a major investor broadcast projects in Russia and abroad.

«One TV — the first foreign broadcasting project GS Group. It was launched in 2012 with the largest private company in Cambodia "- said the director of international projects GS Group Sergei Dolgopolsky. «One TV — the first operator of digital terrestrial television in the country. Besides the capital city of Phnom Penh, broadcasting is now available in eight provinces of Cambodia. By 2015 it is planned to connect about 500,000 subscribers. "

According to S. Dolgopolsky, is currently preparing to launch a draft GS Group to build the first national satellite operator in Pakistan, whose potential is estimated at several million subscribers.

"Over the DTH-project preparation work holding local office, opened in Islamabad in 2012. In addition, in the nearest future — digitalization of broadcasting in South-East Asia ianglogovoryaschego belt of Africa. We plan to connect more than 10 million subscribers in different countries over the next five years ", — said the director of international projects of the holding.

In addition, technologies and integrated solutions GS Group acquired various broadcasting projects in different countries. For example, the holding company serves technology partner of the Ukrainian "Lybyd TV" and Russian "Tricolor TV".

"Our main competitive advantage in these projects — the hardware and software systems for the protection of the data signals of its own design, — said S. Dolgopolsky. — There is also the know-how owned by GS Group, — is the supply of broadcasting services to monetize, which distinguishes us from global competitors. "

Another massive achievement GS Group — the investment project "area of scientific and technological development of Technopolis GS» since 2008. Holding GS Group — the initiator and general investor of "Technopolis GS».

"Technopolis GS» — a unique private innovation cluster in the Kaliningrad region, combining production zones, a research center, a business incubator and a residential area, "- said the deputy director for strategic development of" Technopolis GS » Elvira Gizatullina. She said the high-tech industries in the "Technopolis GS» are of great interest from foreign partners and customers, whose cooperation is actively developing.

"For the past five years," Technopolis GS »once a year opens a new knowledge-intensive production oriented to production of products that are competitive on world markets. This can not boast of today, no other company in the territory of Russia ", — said E. Gizatullina.

Holding GS Group pays particular attention to the introduction of cutting-edge approaches to the management of production and quality of products.

"Companies do not like the outdated," raw material "approach of most Russian enterprises. Exports of raw materials or minimum tillage did not give the product is no added value. In the long run much more efficiently produce products of deep processing. It is not only profitable but also environmentally friendly ", — explained K. Gamadzhan in terms of capacity in the holding timber company.

After creating a holding company multiotraslevogo GS Group brand "General Satellite» (General Satellite), for many years a familiar market, remains in the segment of digital, satellite and radio receiving equipment, through which he gained fame.

"Today, we are proud that so far across the country on the antennas and television receivers tens of millions of Russians see our name," — said K. Gamadzhan. "We take the brand" General Satellite "as an important indicator of achievement and our success, so we want to develop this area, continuing to produce high-tech micro-electronics and appliances."

The plans of the holding — sustainably develop all existing lines of business and open new ones, focusing on his own productions and innovative developments.


GS Group — Internation
al multiotraslevoy holding with Russian history, leading its activities in the telecommunications and other innovative markets and is actively developing its own technology and production assets worldwide.

Holding GS Group exists to develop new technologies for the benefit of man. The mission of the holding in respect of the company: to promote social stability, prosperity and progress, ensuring the preservation of favorable environment, and in respect of partners — to be a reliable supplier of technology solutions for the global marketplace. For customers holding company mission — to offer high-quality innovative products for everyday life.

Among the core competencies of the holding — international operator broadcast design, manufacture their own products, technologies and solutions, the construction of the innovation center of scientific and technological development "Technopolis GS»; investment, production and management of media content in all areas, advertising the full cycle of business logistics and trade.

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