Creating a new aircraft engine PD-14


In carrying out research and development (R & D), a new family of aircraft engines PD-14 (Perspective engine thrust 14 m) are involved in almost all the leading Russian aircraft engine business, said chief designer of "Aircraft Engine" Alexander Inozemtsev. He spoke about the creation of the engine family, and the main technical and technological solutions.

The first launch of a demonstrator

According to him, A.Inozemtseva, the first run on the ground of the first sample test bench engine demonstrator PD-14 is planned for June this year. In early April, started assembling the engine demonstrator. Now work and fine-tuning are also four gas generator and several settings of the module fan model, full-sized compressor, a combustion chamber, two turbines, one of which has already been tested in CIAM (the second being tested now). "In this way, the developer can demonstrate that the investments made, including the government, have led to the fact that domestic aviadvigatelestroiteli able to create the most modern engine — said A.Inozemtsev. — Today, one of the main tasks of the entire cooperation and APC — to prepare production plant for mass production of aircraft engines PD-14. " He said that according to the calculations of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation" (UAC), after about 7-8 years it will take up to 200 engines per year.

The West will not help us

A.Inozemtsev recalled that when the developer and APC have analyzed the situation in the global aviation market, it became quite clear that the Russian aviadvigatelestroiteli never be able to access their Western colleagues to modern materials that the West somehow patented "zagrifovany" licensed by and under the complete control of foreign companies. Therefore, required its own domestic materials. VIAM create materials that are used in PD-14 project. It should be noted that domestic technology certification and qualification of engineering materials do not comply with the West. In Russia for 3.5 years have created experimental and theoretical foundation for enterprises and ODC in the leading research institutes, which will allow up to 2015, that is to obtain a certificate, a eksperimetalno-calculation base for the certification of domestic materials in Europe (EASA) and the U.S. requirements and standards of FAA.

Certification of the PD-14

Speaking about the certification of PD-14 engine on the norms and requirements of the European Aviation Safety Organization — European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), A.Inozemtsev said that the terms of reference of "NPK" Irkut "customer development of PD-14, set out the requirements for engine certification and its production. On today signed an agreement with the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) certification PD-14 engine. Developer PD-14 engine will certify in IAC, conducting parallel "shadow" of specialists certified EASA, followed by validation of the certificate to the EASA. IAC is an agreement about this with EASA.

Certification of production begins with the certification of materials, and in April of this year it is planned to issue a certification of the production schedule of Aviation Materials materials for steel plants in Russia and further certify all production at the enterprises participating in the cooperative program supplies manufacturing PD-14. In such enterprises as JSC "NPO" Saturn ", OJSC" Perm Engine Company "Ufa Engine Plant, Moscow SPC Gas Turbine" Salute "and the factory" Star ", which produces fuel assemblies automation, already today there are plans to prepare for the certification of EASA , added A.Inozemtsev.

State support

According to the principal designer for the past 40 years, the Russian government did not support financially and otherwise the creation and development of technology design and manufacturing, maintenance and after-sales service of aircraft engines. For the first time the government contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade for 3.5 years the government has invested in Aircraft engine approximately $ 500 million, which is comparable to what competitors are investing in the West. Such investments are made for the development of key enterprises APC and key technologies that will compete with a direct competitor — by Pratt & Whitney under the wing of the aircraft MS-21.

To date, the previously published value of R & D establishment of the PD-14 did not change (about 70 billion) and is now on the program "mastered" 30-35% of the funds under the program, said A.Inozemtsev.

Technical equipment of the enterprises under the issue of the PD-14

A.Inozemtsev stressed that today Russia has access to the most modern equipment in the West and in the East, and about $ 300 million has been purchased the most modern equipment that is put into production at the enterprises of APC. "But the technology of production of key parts of the engine, and no one ever we do not sell.’s Why we have created the new equipment all the most key technologies that are on the market to do nothing," — he stressed.

Next, general designer listed a number of projects implemented by the industry.

  • In Ufa, almost completed the construction of world’s fourth largest plant for the production of hollow fan blades. Technology — domestic and patented, which no one else in the world. Today tested the first hollow blades, which will be delivered on the first engine demonstrator. Efficiency — 92%, a hollowness — 0.5. This blade is quite competitive.
  • High pressure compressor — a key node of any engine, and any company that produced it, holding on to him for 40 years. "About the same, we held on to the HPC, established many years ago, constantly upgrading it," — said A.Inozemtsev. The new HPC created with scientists CIAM that came to these profiles blades quarter century. Today, HPC and a gas generator run full-scale tests.
  • In Perm, built a plant in which the technology of applying ceramic coatings on hot parts of the engine. Everything is made from scratch. Price — about 15 million euros.
  • There is a technical equipment production and pre-production for the manufacture of intermetalidov to facilitate LPT.
  • Built several laboratories for testing of technologies the manufacture of composite materials, purchased equipment, which allows to manufacture the engine nacelles, 70% consists of the most modern fiberglass.
  • On the new equipment and new technology design, manufacturing and testing, built at the cost of booth 5,000,000 euros for testing HS. On the level of equipment this stand — the most equipped in the world.

The design features of the PD-14

According to A.Inozemtseva, the project PD-14 is the most serious of all domestic aircraft engine. In aircraft engine project PD-14 has several features. One of them is the practical part in the project all the leading industrial research institutes and enterprises. Previously, each developer and one serial plant, which the developer had planned to place its production of motor development, "fought" for their project, which takes 10-15 years, including research and development production. At present the project to the PD-14 unites all of ODC, which work together on agreed plans and schedules from the
beginning of development — beginning "with the center line." Established co-operation of all the bureau and production companies throughout the supply chain from design and R & D to manufacturing in the ROC, including the "NPO" Saturn ", NPC Gas Turbine" Salute "Ufa Engine Plant, Perm motor complex, etc.

Another feature of the project PD-14 is the fact that today the project PD-14 for the first time participated in the competition with a leading U.S. company Pratt & Whitney. Family aircraft MS-21 will be offered in the global aviation market with two types of engines: either with local PD-14, or with the engine company Pratt & Whitney aircraft by the customer. Leasing companies or airlines themselves will decide on the type of engine for the aircraft ordered by them. This is the international practice, but for Russian aviadvigatelestroiteley is a very serious condition, said general designer.

He pointed out another feature of the project PD-14 — the nation’s first engine designed under the given production cost, since it is necessary to go to the market not only with a modern product that is suitable for the customer and the operator’s share, reliability, fuel efficiency, etc., but at a competitive price.

Participation GP "Ivchenko-Progress"

A.Inozemtsev said that the creation of the PD-14 are involved and Ukrainian aviadvigatelestroiteli — Zaporozhye state enterprise "Ivchenko-Progress". "The greatest experience in building low-emission combustion chambers vysokoresursnyh have exactly the Cossacks. Therefore, along with the Perm combustion chamber, which is mounted on the engine demonstrator-PD-14, around the end of summer (some Cossacks do not cope with deadlines) will Zaporozhye combustion chamber and a second assembling the engine demonstrator it is installed. If the combustion chamber from Zaporozhye will show the best performance and features, the Permian combustion chamber will be ruthlessly discarded and all the engines that will stand the combustion chamber, which will show the best results on the tests, "- he said.

In addition, the developer of the PD-14 draws on the conditions of competition and other foreign firms and companies to the project PD-14. Thus, it is expected that the organization of the production of nacelle PD-14 from composite materials can take part and one of the Italian companies are also on the conditions of competition. However, in this study expressed a desire to participate and domestic companies CVTs "Technology" from Obninsk, TSNIISM of Khotkovo, the largest rocket factory in Reutovo and, as already mentioned, the Italian company said general designer.

PD-14 — twin-shaft turbofan engine, without mixing of flows of external and internal contours with ratchet and effective noise suppression system. Promising turbofan is created based on the new high-performance gas generator with a structural diagram "8 +2" and the parameters of generation 5 +.

The family of advanced turbofan engines for Regional Jet engine consists of:
PD-14 — basic turbofan for MS-21-300;
PD-14A — throttled version of the turbofan for MS-21-200;
TD-14M — forced option for turbojet aircraft MS-21-400.

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