Creation of a ‘Yablo Chups’!

At the time, the Samsung sets record for profits from the sale of expensive smart phones, Microsoft is in a relentless struggle for the enormous development of Windows 8, the team of designers, engineers, designers of "Intersoft Eurasia" does not stand still!

There are at home banal phrase: "Physicists joke!" And our team of designers, designers, physicists, mathematicians past, I decided to take another look at it is a utilitarian device for measuring radiation. And in the age of indiscriminate consumerism, suggest a fun alternative to the laptop body dosimeter-radiometer "-RA".

The idea creatively rework body quite important and useful devaysa visited our experts in the analysis of incoming requests on the table pre-order the corporate website

For these purposes, the designers and engineers of the company of "Intersoft Eurasia" proposed a new idea of the indicator function of ionizing radiation dosimeter-radiometer without battery devices DO-RA in a new form factor, and looks like different varieties popular in our country and in the west of fruit — apple.

The idea of the name of the new building was born almost instantly — "Yablo Chups" … Why this name appeared among us? Yes, because it sounds funny and looks like a candy apple on a stick.

Designer hope that apple, the temptation of Adam in his time, for many thousands of years has not lost its magical attraction for male users and devices will be made by amateurs on uraJ.

The essence of the apparatus and its design is that repeating a popular form of fruit, device is integrated in the sensor chip with electronic Russian manufacture rolls measuring parameters Gamma, Beta and Alpha ionizing radiation. Pigtail-leg, which will be in the form of an apple device, will allow convenient to communicate with any smartphone or other handheld device mini-jack audio channel. 

The device itself is DO-RA in the form of "Yablo Chups" will have a capacity of not more than 9 cubic meters. see when diameter of 2.6 — 2.8 cm for the work it will get energy from the onboard power supply used a smartphone or other devaysa of Apple, while spending no more than 1% of its energy in the on-state device. A transmit measurement data on the same channel with a digital protocol specifically designed for this purpose. All other basic functions will be maintained, as we have repeatedly proven line devices DO-RA.

A new version of the family of DO-RA.Soft, control functions of the device, is coming out soon in the 12 languages of the planet and will be integrated with the largest social network Facebook. The program can be downloaded quickly and for free on the Internet Market App Store Keyword DO-RA in the near future.     

Will demand "Yablo Chups" coined based on our Internet visitors, time will tell and the market. Our team is just trying to listen to their users and to improve the device-RA, working hard in finding the best solutions and original models.

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