Creative class — this is not the brains of the nation …

Grand in the symbolism of the event. Great distance to McDonald's people in the capital of the USSR. The ceremony proselytizing Soviet Papuans.

In this demonstrative gesture of the then creative class has made a ritual of renunciation of the burden of civilization Spirit and came under the rule of carnal overseas deity.

Now this active passive, these degenerates should make their shy fellow to forget their traditions, to move to the reservation and start a profitable trade with the newcomers: the anus in exchange for beads.

However, mediation is not so helpfully brought a creative class of desired goods. On the contrary. Suddenly it became clear that the collaborationist regime does not provide room for them. To the position of chiefs did not take — weaklings, hard labor was not sent — useless cow that fed and taken away. So the architects of the human soul and povymerli. But before he could, however, leave the spiritual offspring.

A new generation of creative class. His actions no less repulsive, if not more, as the pioneers of no-shifter pulls, and even cheered on the contrary. Today no one to blame.

Protection against Khodorkovsky and rebellious valagalisch hiking on Madonna concerts, visiting exhibitions and M. Gelman coven belolentochnyh — do it all, first of all, just not right, and secondly, is to become in the eyes of the people in the genetic geeks acting contrary to his expectations. Kilometer queue to the belt of the Virgin, hundreds of thousands of patriotic crowd at a rally Prohanova-Starikova Shevchenko and the square to pray together with the Patriarch yavstevnno give it to understand.

Rossyskoy relentless grind of stories. Adhering to them during the last storm dirt will be erased without a trace. It always happened to those who went against the will of the people, it so happens this time. There is still time to think again. You can still repent, get out of the infamous line at McDonald's and go to the dumplings.

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