Creek conscientious soul: EVERYTHING! ITS TIME TO LEAVE!

Lately life (in Russia) Is getting worse and worse. Not in terms of sausages, but in terms of freedom. The spirit of liberty, freedom of expression, thought and interests. Gradually tighten the nut. Since the process has been smeared for years, on a daily basis it was not so noticeable. But here is the last time to live is getting worse and worse every day already.

Every day there are news on which is sad, lonely and comes to mind is a simple idea — Why? Why live in this vile country (which in this case I love so much), if life becomes unbearable here? You look at the last half of the year. Searches of Sobchak and Navalny cases against those who went to rallies, enacted more than two do not get together, put a 2-year girls, the words "committee of inquiry", "prosecutors" included in our life as the word "fork" and "spoon . "

And the more, the worse it is, the tighter the spiral is screwed. In what year did we live? In 1925? In 1930? Maybe in 1936? If those are the poor … well, knew in 1936 that awaits them after a few months, do you think — they would have continued to go to work, to live as if nothing had happened? And now all of a sudden 1936 th? Judging by the speed with which gets worse and worse — it is. Yes, fuck you! Why do I have to live all the time with an eye ago, all the time with fear, in constant sense of hopelessness? Yes, from what?

I would live 30 years at best. I do not want every day to read about the arrests, idiotic laws and be in continuous and permanent struggle for oxygen. I can not breathe! In short, I decided it was time to leave. Not tomorrow, not at the beginning of September, but now I am going to consciously deal with this issue — to transfer the money to buy decent housing in a European country and obtain a residence permit. Rush — Goodbye. And you know, that's what was for me the last straw?

But, to read through and listen to the audio file at the end:

Do you understand? I do not want to live in a country with such orders. I DO NOT WANT. I live under the Communists did not want to leave but could not. And now I can not. I can and leave. All sold and off the beach. Let my children will grow up in a normal country, not in this govnische.

And more. Do you know why the Russian counts, princes, aristocrats worked after the revolution in a Parisian cafe waiters? Why are girls from very wealthy families in Paris were forced to go on the panel to feed the family?

— Because the Bolshevik revolutionaries did not let them take their wealth — you will answer me. All true. But do not forget that while the exchange rate was quite hard currency and no problems to open an account abroad, much less put their money there was no problem. But this did not happen. Did not happen because the Iron Curtain fell in one day. No one had time to prepare for it. Fled is that they were dressed in and that had rassovat pockets. Everything else was lost and looted lumpen. I do not want to work as a waiter in his old age. So tomorrow I start to engage in the process of emigration. I do not want to live in this fucking country.

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