CRH Kirov region have received medical treatment and diagnostic systems based on cars

Today in Kirov, a solemn ceremony of transfer of Sloboda, Omutninskoye, Kotelnichskiy CDH medical treatment and diagnostic systems based on off-road vehicles.


All three central district hospitals are inter-district centers, so mobile medkompleksy that arrive on their balance sheet, will serve not only the population of these, but the surrounding areas, and, most important — living in remote and inaccessible areas.

The purchase of three mobile medkompleksov under the modernization program of health of the Kirov region spent 33 million rubles.

Implementation of the program of technical re-equipment and modernization of the regional health care system will continue, said the head of the region.

As noted by the head of Department of Health E.D.Utemova before industry professionals have an important task for the early detection of chronic diseases and, consequently, their effective treatment and reduce mortality. To solve this problem is a lot. For example, last year, the region received ambulances, modern medical equipment. An overhaul of medical institutions.

"Mobile clinics" that came to the region for the first time, will further expand the coverage of health services. It is important that you can get not just a medical and specialized medical care: Each set is equipped with a mini-laboratory, ultrasound machines and other equipment. Admission based complexes may lead physicians, endocrinologists, neurologists, gynecologists and other specialists noted E.D.Utemova.

Chief physician Sloboda CRH them. Acad. ANBakulev, president of the regional association of health workers Andrey V. Tchernyaev in his response, thanked handed mobile systems.

"Now we are clinical examination, so the mobile clinic just in time — and we are ready to arrange check-ups not only in the attached areas, but also in the whole region", — said Andrey V..

REFERENCE. Mobile diagnostic and treatment facilities will be used for routine clinical examination and of the inhabitants of areas, including living in remote and inaccessible locations. The total number of inhabitants of the Kirov region, subject to clinical examination in the current year is 252.2 thousand people, of whom about 24 million people will receive medical examinations on the basis of mobile medkompleksov.

Of the three diagnostic and treatment facilities — two manned reception facilities for adults (they go on the balance sheet and Kotelnichskiy Omutninskoye CRH), one — for children (Sloboda CRH).

The cost of each mobile system — 11 million rubles. Complexes are equipped with laboratory equipment (biochemical analyzers, blood glucose meters, hematology analyzers, etc.), portable ultrasound machines, electrocardiographs, dermatoscope, colposcopy and other equipment for physicians — general practitioners (pediatricians), neurologists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists and Gynecologists.

The complexes can operate in stand-alone conditions at any time of the year. Battery life without refueling fuel tanks — 72 hours. All the complexes are assembled on the basis of KAMAZ. The complex consists of several sections: laboratory compartment, total admissions office, office gynecology and technological sections. There are systems of power supply, water supply, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

  • Press center of the Government of the Kirov region

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