Crimea TITAN RESTORED ammophos

"Crimea TITAN", which belongs to Group DF, restored the production of ammonium phosphate. "Job Shop" Ammofos "restored after a six-month downtime. The shop displayed at full capacity — 9 tons of ammonium phosphate in a month "- said the Chairman of the Board JSC" Crimean Titan "Sergei Kossenko.

Production of ammonium phosphate was stopped in December 2012 due to the seasonal decline in demand for this type of fertilizer, as well as due to increased production costs. According to Sergei Kosenko, the high cost of imported Syrian phosphorite not allow product "Crimean Titan" to effectively compete with Russian producers with access to cheaper Russian raw materials.
"Therefore, to reduce the cost of production we switched to the supply of phosphate rock from Algeria — said S.Kosenko. — We were able to sign contracts with new suppliers of raw materials. True new raw material requires a more complex processing, and we had to adapt modes at all stages of the production process. We managed it without too much difficulty. "
At idle in the shop "Ammofos" part of his staff was transferred to other shops and departments of the enterprise. Stopping production was used for repair work in the shop. Thus, the maintenance crew repaired the equipment shop on almost all of its technological areas, and Energy Service conducted a scheduled maintenance of electrical equipment.
According to the Group DF, in 2012 Ukrainian market consumed 215 tons of ammonium phosphate. Analysts Group predicts that by 2020 the Ukrainian market will almost double, and can consume up to 420 tons of ammonium phosphate. Global market volume of MAP in 2012 was about 24 million tons.

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