Crosses 2


The largest prison in Europe.

In addition to the historical name of the institution will leave its famous form. Insulator only will change its size — will grow as much as eight times! The final move is scheduled for 2011.


1 Camera detention center
Two buildings to 1792 people in each. Architectural repeat previous Crosses, not only in 4, and in as many as 8 floors. According to the architects, Crosses-2 will be the first experience of building a detention center height. Each of the radial camera units will accommodate shower rooms, 12 four-bed and 4 double chamber. By European standards for each prisoner will allocate to 7 square meters. In the center of the "cross" on each floor to help the guards on duty will be offices for the doctor on duty, operative worker, educator and senior warden office. To move from one floor to the entire staff is going to lift. A walk will be temporarily enclosed in a specially-equipped exercise yard.

2 Dorm
House for convicts left in jail for household services. Designed for 280 people. In addition to showers, bedrooms and dining room for them to even equip a room for physical training.

3 Dining Room
Two halls for lunch personnel Crosses — one for 150 people, the other for 30.

4 Church

5 Single Camera
Place a particularly strict regime. It will house a single cell for the condemned to capital punishment and the punishment cells. The building is designed for 216 people.

6 Transition Gallery
Connect all buildings and technical facilities of new Crosses. To avoid unwanted counter flows are divided into two parts, the longitudinal wall.

7 medical unit
Rooms for patients guests jail. Total hospital expect to build 43 double rooms, treatment and physiotherapy units, dental office, as well as surgical and diagnostic rooms.

8 Sports housing
Relaxation area jail workers. There will be sports and fitness facilities, a room for the fight, dressing rooms, showers, sauna and other rooms for the staff. In the basement of the gallery will equip rifle range at 50 and 25 meters.

9 Garage
For 40 cars and an aviary of 40 dogs.

10 CAT
The brightly-lit spacious lobby — it’s the first thing anyone sees first came to New Cross. On the ground floor there, but the room attendants and pass office will house shops, small cafes and space for receiving parcels. The second floor will equip the room for staff on mission and utility rooms.

11 Administration Building
Height — 5 floors. Not to carry the suspects in the city, in this case plan to equip the courtroom and offices for the defense lawyers. On the first floor will house rooms for long-term and short-term visits to the prisoners in the Crosses suspects. On the 4th floor of the auditorium will be and the museum of jail. And under the roof equipped departments of educational work and psychological relaxation rooms for staff.

12 prefabricated office
A place for people arriving and departing. Here delousing chambers with showers, quarantine and hospital units, as well as the investigative branch offices with investigators and lawyers, rooms for witnesses.

The old prison building will be sold by auction …


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