CRUCIFIED proposes a plan of NPP for 2012-2013

Russian Association for the promotion of free software (CRUCIFIED) presented to discuss a plan of action for the implementation of the project to create national software platform in 2012 to 2013. It includes proposals designed to effectively meet the challenges posed to the NPP in the state program "Information Society" and the orders of the Government of the Russian Federation № 2299-r of the transition of federal bodies of executive power to free software.

The plan passed CRUCIFIED the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, includes 8 points. The Association proposes to research and development in areas such as: the development of infrastructure and basic elements of the GMP production-quality prototype-based information systems, prepared in 2011, the development of GMP standards and means of automated verification of conformity to standards, the development of a set of specialized applications typical design decisions (TPR); development of a stack of software components to deploy cloud platforms based on open source software, as well as the implementation of a number of applied TPD as a cloud-based applications. 

To stimulate the free software manufacturers and universities that train specialists in the field of open source software, it is proposed to allocate 50 grants totaling not less than 750 million rubles. Among the institutional arrangements it is worth noting training of civil servants working with the basic package of the ACT and regular events aimed at promoting open source software among existing and potential users (exhibitions, conferences, round tables, media, transmitting radio and television).

Computer hardware manufacturers (domestic and foreign) has recommended that the device be equipped issued drivers to ensure that they work in conjunction with the systems of NPP.

The implementation of this plan should be put into operation Fund of algorithms and programs, filled with working samples of basic system components (operating systems and infrastructure systems), the main applications for the needs of public authorities in the form of a basic standard of design decisions (document management, budgeting, project management, the collective work of processing complaints of citizens, etc.) and specialized application solutions for the needs of the UGA (registry office, "Electronic housing office", "E-municipality", "e-school", "electronic Situation Center Disaster Prevention", etc.) .

CRUCIFIED president Julius Ovchinnikov noted that the Russian community of open source software has proven its ability to implement large-scale projects and is ready to make a key contribution to the establishment of a national software platform. 

Prototypes of operating systems, database management systems, development environments, and building software, and a set of application solutions, ready for inclusion in the NPP, were presented at the exhibition "CSTB 2012" on the stand CRUCIFIED. 

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