Ctart new pipeline KAMAZ

On the "KAMAZ" completed construction works and necessary equipment conveyor assembly of the new cab-haul tractor KAMAZ-5490.

To test the equipment and, if necessary, its optimization, the new pipeline will be built one car a day. According to project leader Axor Alberta Wiesinger, within five months of the beginning of the production car managed to produce 10.5 thousand square meters. meters of production space, "KAMAZ". The advantage of the new Axor cab is a simple process of assembling the interior compared to the standard cab truck KAMAZ, which greatly simplifies the task of assembling workers. 

Since the new "KAMAZ" — a product segment of "premium" on the truck market, it was important to prepare and train specialists in accordance with the new requirements. According Wiesinger, training at Daimler plants were more than 60 specialists "KAMAZ". Education was organized in such areas as car assembly, logistics, quality control and production planning processes cab.

New KAMAZ will fundamentally different from previous cars, but they will not cease to be recognizable on the roads: on heavy trucks will stand the logo "KAMAZ", a sharp change of colors is also not planned. The first time, the new car will be painted in the same color as the serial KAMAZ. From the third quarter of 2014 will be presented to the customers a wider range of colors.

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