CTZ adopted the practice of college students and vocational school

CTZ took over 74 undergraduate work experience of the South Ural State Technical College, College of the Chelyabinsk energy. Kirov, Chelyabinsk College of Industrial Automation, vocational school number 1 and number 20.

Today, the future engineers, field engineers, machine operators, CNC reinforce the theoretical knowledge by working machine operators, electricians, welders in a factory service center and repair of equipment, technology and engineering divisions of diesel engines in the forge and pressing-welding production.

— Compared to last year the number who came to the practice increased significantly, — says head of training center CTZ Irina Gafarova. — The prestige of working professions is growing. Young guys are more likely to bind future life with the production, see the prospect for themselves.

Young recruits at the company too excited. Try to spread the youth for the benefit of the plant and of guys make a memorable start working career. With the further employment of the graduates are usually no problem.

— This summer, we were in a foundry practice students metallurgists of the South Ural State University — continues to Irina Gafarova. — We have heard very good reviews from seasoned professionals. Therefore, after the graduation of all who wished to come to us have taken without hesitation.

At CTZ developed a system to attract young professionals, said Deputy Director General for Personnel Oleg Kosyh. Is active youth council, whose leaders have been working with their peers, organize leisure and youth organization of the enterprise itself has 3,200 employees.

Collective agreement provides for measures of social support, adaptation, 20-year-olds. If, for example, young people are returning from the army with the intention to work in the factory, acquire the right to the so-called lifting of 30 thousand rubles.

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