CTZ creates another loader

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant to begin pre-production of a new front-end loader PK-55 with bucket capacity of 5.5 tons.

By the end of April, will collect the first sample of tractor-machine constructed factory for. Technical services and production has already given an assignment for its manufacture.

The technology, created on the basis of a serial PC-46, will join the lineup of family loaders CTZ, having undergone a number of design changes. Given the demands of consumers, developers have increased lift capacity from 4.6 to 5.5 tons. Mounted counterweight balances the heavy-bucket, and the high operating pressure in the hydraulic system will make it work smoother and more efficient. Taken care of creators and the strengthening of the wheels of the 55th, increasing Ply tires.

The developers hope that the new truck will satisfy the demand of consumers, who will have a more powerful machine at a reasonable price that will allow it to compete with the "classmates" Chinese companies are actively marketing their technique.

After a series of tests, scheduled for May, the PC-55 will go to Moscow to an international exhibition CTT-13, which appears in the center "Crocus Expo" in early June.

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