CTZ party sent bulldozers to Turkmenistan

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, a subsidiary of the Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" began sending bulldozers to Turkmenistan 14 B-12, made by order of the Ministry of Public Utilities of the Republic.

The first batch shipped Ashgabat technique consists of six machines. The remaining units on railway platforms their journey to the end of July. Upon arrival to the country of their distributed to cities in Turkmenistan. They will work on landfills, leveling and compacting the municipal solid waste.

Delivery is made through the dealer’s business — the company "Yarav", which CTZ working for more than ten years. This company promotes products yuzhnouraltsev the Turkmen market, provides coverage for vehicles.

Initially, the Turkmen partners were considering the purchase of the plant powerful diesel-electric tractors with roomy regular dumps, but eventually opted for tractors 15-class traction, considering them to be optimal for the work, says the head of the service department of factory outlets Vadim Oshchepkov. Machines consumers supplied serial, but air-conditioned so as to be operated at temperatures reaching 40 degrees. B-12, which first shipped in Turkmenistan, well withstand extreme conditions. This model, like the previously acquired Ashgabat Chelyabinsk tractor is designed to operate over a wide temperature range.

Only in the last five years to the country from which the plant has a long and strong business relationships, has shipped over 400 vehicles CTZ. Large lots of bulldozers B-10 miners were in demand of hydrocarbons that country to serve the oil and gas, as well as land reclamation experts who use Chelyabinsk units for laying and clearing irrigation canals. This year, the company has also become a partner of the State Committee for Fisheries of Turkmenistan announced a tender to build a facility for artificial breeding of sturgeon. In the address of the state agency recently sent two tractor-bulldozer B-14.

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