Cuba could lose 2.4% of the territory due to sea level rise

April 11, 2013.  Cuba could lose in 2050 to about 2.7 million square kilometers, accounting for 2.4% of the country, due to the continuing rising sea levels due to global warming on the planet, said on Thursday the Cuban director of the National Agency for Environment Thomas Escobar environment.

"If you continue latching today raise the average level of the ocean, then by 2050 we will lose nearly 2.7 million square kilometers of the earth's surface in Cuba, will also be flooded for about nine thousand houses," — said Escobar, whose words are quoted by local media.

In his opinion, it would seriously harm the existing ecosystem, lead to significant degradation of agricultural land, increase the vulnerability of coastal communities, as well as reduce the area of forests and gardens.

The Minister for Environment of Cuba also said that the agency's specialists are constantly monitoring the situation, studying the feasibility of rehabilitation of such natural protective systems such as coral reefs and mangroves.

The Cuban archipelago covers an area of about 111,000 square kilometers, a coastline exceeds 4,000 kilometers.

Source: RIA Novosti

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