Current limiting reactor Groups SVEL at 110 kV has been successfully type-tested

In April 2011, has been successfully type-tested a prototype of current limiting reactor at 110 kV voltage class in the test center of "SEC power" (Moscow).


The reactor showed their compliance with technical specifications in terms of the requirements for resistance to short circuits, heating, dielectric withstand voltage test for lightning impulse voltage and power frequency. In addition, he received a positive conclusion of the test center.

As noted in the power engineering companies, such results suggest that the group "SVEL" fully mastered the design and manufacture of electrical equipment of this kind. "The range of products of the Group" SVEL "replenished with one more position, and now we can compete with vendors such as Trench and Nokian, offering current limiting voltage class 110 kV ", — the representative of the design office.

Now reactor design department is working on obtaining a certificate of compliance for limiting reactors 110 kV, as well as to obtain patents for inventions in the coils 35 and 110 kV.

The group "SverdlovElektro" ("SVEL") — one of the leading Russian manufacturers of electrical equipment. To increase production rates and modernization of the Group — one of the fastest growing in the industry.

Cooperation Group "SVEL" with key Russian enterprises can effectively implement the government’s program of import substitution.

Among the most important areas of modernization of enterprises are to introduce energy-saving technologies. Professional development of the "Group" SVEL "allow already produce equipment that reduce energy consumption up to 45% of enterprises.

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