Czech-Russian consortium MIR.1200 CREATES NUCLEAR COMPANY


Consortium "MIR.1200" established company Nuclear Power Alliance as, which in the case of his victory will be responsible for coordinating the preparation and subsequent implementation of the project construction of the third and fourth units of the NPP "Temelin" in the Czech Republic. This was July 18, the chairman of the board of the new company Perlik Joseph, who is also a director of the project on completion of NPP "Temelin" in SKODA JS — a consortium of leading companies, the press-service of JSC "Rusatom Overseas."

The legal form of Nuclear Power Alliance as a joint stock company established in accordance with Czech law. The main shareholders are members of the consortium, ie SKODA JS, together with its subsidiaries the state corporation "Rosatom" "Atomstroyexport" and JSC "EDO" Hydraulic ". Shareholders will have the following shares in the new company "Atomstroyexport" — 51%, SKODA JS — 34% of "EDO" Hydraulic "- 15%.

Nuclear Power Alliance will be based in Prague. At the initial stage of the company’s staff will be about 100 Czech and Russian specialists, while in the case of selecting a project of the Consortium, in subsequent stages of preparation of the project staff of the company will be gradually expanded. The group of experts will begin work at the construction site of NPP "Temelin". In the second phase of the project, during which will be directly implemented construction of the third and fourth units of the NPP "Temelin", it is assumed that 90% of the organization’s staff will be at the NPP "Temelin". At the stage of maximum intensity of the work the company’s staff will be 400 professionals responsible for managing the implementation of the project.

If the consortium wins the tender on behalf of the company in the Nuclear Power Alliance project completion "Temelin" NPP will cooperate with nearly 350 leading Czech, Slovak, Russian and other European companies.

In addition, the launch event Nuclear Power Alliance, the Consortium "MIR.1200" signed preliminary agreements with the three largest Czech companies — Sigma Group, ZVVZ Enven Engineering and OSC. Under these agreements, the participants agreed to cooperate in case of winning consortium in the tender. Such agreements signed previously with 6 other Czech companies — SKODA JS, Hochtief, PSG International, ZAT, UJV Rez and I & C Energo, specify in detail the procedure and conditions for the companies’ cooperation with the Consortium "MIR.1200" in the event of his victory in the tender for completion of NPP "Temelin".

Consortium "MIR.1200" is one of two bidders for the construction of the 3rd and 4th of NPP "Temelin". The leader of the Czech-Russian consortium is the company SKODA JS as, attracting the cooperation of the company "Atomstroyexport" and of "Hydraulic Design Bureau", which are subsidiaries of the State Corporation "Rosatom". Consortium "MIR.1200" offers an evolutionary design of nuclear power plant project VVER-1200, based on the experience gained during the 1500 reactor years of operation of nuclear reactors of VVER type. The project is based on proven solutions, characterized by the increased security and the unique combination of the most advanced active and passive control systems, making this project one of the best representatives of the reactors generation III +.

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