CZP was opened warehouse concentrate roasting plant

A zinc plant was opened warehouse concentrate roasting plant, damaged in the explosion of a meteorite

As a result of the blast had destroyed 960 square meters of walls and roof of a warehouse and damaged bridge grabbing crane.


Participation in a festive ceremony was the head of the Kurchatov district Oleg Asipenka.He noted that the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant was one of the first companies that stretched a hand to the city and the region, despite the fact that he suffered more vseh.Generalny Director of JSC "CZP" Rinat Shakirzyanov stressed that the important thing — not what happened on February 15 , but how could cope with this situation. He expressed his gratitude to all the services of the plant and the contractors who participated in the aftermath of the explosion of the meteorite recovery and designs.

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