D / s The wheels of the Soviet Union. Film 1 (12 +)

There is a suggestion that the Soviet automobile industry has always been in the rear of world technological progress. That, say, our own original designs in the USSR was not, and the conveyor fell just out of date copies of foreign cars. But is it really?
Deceit and omissions in the official history of the domestic auto industry was rife. Public-party spell "Soviet — so the best" forced to distort the facts and figures, blind to the faults and inflate the scale of victory. After the collapse of the USSR trend has reversed: nothing good has never been and will not be.
We will establish in this matter reasonable parity. To do this, we will attract archival materials, listen to the opinion of independent experts, together with professional mechanics to understand the structure and characteristics of domestic avtolegend. 

The film tells the story of two families of popular Soviet car "Moskvich" and "Lada".
The first — a true Russian "resident", created in the Soviet Union, taking into account national specifics of production and operation. The second — "immigrant", an alien from the "world capital". His adaptation to the conditions of socialist realism was held not too smooth. In the fates of the two machines have been ups and downs, dramatic and comic situations. Stories about the "Muscovites" and "Lada" tell the Russian automotive industry veterans who are familiar with this topic is not hearsay …
Voice-over reads Vladimir Gerasimov

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