Dagestan harvested the first crop of the investment Fresh Vegetables

Harvested the first crop of tomatoes in a greenhouse "Fresh vegetables", which is located in the village of Krasnoarmejsk suburb of Makhachkala. 

Here is the first line of greenhouses area of 2.6 hectares and Technology Office for seedlings 1600 sq. m. m, which ottaplivaetsya using geothermal water. According to the head of the "Fresh Vegetables" Abdul Musayev, the greenhouse uses advanced low-volume, Hydronics, which is used for growing vegetables on different substrates (peat, perlite and coconut). Compared with the classic growing plants, hydroponics allows for eco-friendly products, dramatically accelerate the growth of plants and increase their productivity as well as physiological processes occur in this case much faster.

As the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food RD Sharip Sharipov, in the Republic of Dagestan produced more than one million tons of vegetables, accounting for 7% of the Russian level — first in the country.

At the same time, this volume produced vegetables account for only a small part of a protected ground, which is why in the off-season at the food market of the country is virtually absent locally sourced produce. It is crucially determines the development of the protected ground as one of the narrow parts of the whole system of agriculture.

"The analysis shows that in many areas are actively involved in vegetable greenhouse, but much misses the official statistical reporting, and therefore do not always reflect the real picture of the industry. Therefore, together with the local government ministry is implementing measures to account for greenhouses, "- said the deputy minister.

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