Daily life in Berlin in July 1945

Photos of post-war Berlin's from the archives of the magazine Life. Filming carried out in July 1945, the South American photographer William Vendayvertom.

1. A group of Russian fighter on the steps of the Reich Chancellery.

2. Berlin Cathedral pravitelskogo around the palace. From him there was only a facade

3. Berlin Sports Palace, where Joseph Goebbels spoke with his speeches.

4. Berliners prepare food in the yard of his one hundred percent of the destroyed building

5. Brandenburg Gate.

6. In the town there are new papers.

7. Kids playing in the street about anti-aircraft guns

8. The gates of the Embassy of France.

9. Water pump — Technology defeated town

10. In the Reich Chancellery.

11. In some sectors of the destroyed Berlin's rich stream of passengers in the subway.

12. The structure of the French embassy in Berlin were only portions of the wall. The entrance gate and a balcony as before are the initials of the Russian Federation

13. Around the Reichstag is naikrupneyshy dark market Berlin's. The soldiers of the Red Army, there are the main buyers.


15. Symbol indicating the exit from the English sector

16. Occupied by Russian soldiers in their sector horses. Many Russian military units are still using outdated tf.

17. Wilhelmstrasse. Ruins Reich Chancellery.


19. Selling newspapers on the streets of Berlin.

20. Near the Brandenburg Gate Organ Grinder lure the British, French and American fighter

21. Litsezrev SUV SCA Berliners rushing to him hoping to obtain from the arrivals of cigarettes and chocolate.

22. Sculpture Wilhelm II — the most photographed monument in Berlin.

23. Germans are working on clearing the rubble.

24. French traffic police directs the German employees.

25. Kaiser Wilhelm Church

26. Russian fighter on the steps of Reich Chancellery.

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