Dairy herd Leningrad updated tribal Cows


Economy Leningrad region who are interested in improving the quality of milk protein and fat, increase livestock ajrshirskih cows.

Breeding Ayrshire already engaged 24 companies in 7 municipalities Neva edge. Livestock breeds promising to 27 000 head, including 12,819 cows, average milk yield of which for 2012 amounted to 5586 kilogrammovmoloka, and its quality already meets the performance to which farmers will have to come to Russia in 2016.

Best of the Leningrad region on the Ayrshire breed — of "Plemzavod" Ladoga "- in the past year, the first in the country has managed to overcome the bar in 8000 kilogrammovmoloka on Burenka. Not to stop there, novoladozhtsy started the construction of modern dairy complex at 2000 head, which later this year will require a new breeding heifers and heifers. The nearby breeding farm "Myslinsky" plans to build a complex at 1000 head with the possibility of a further doubling of livestock.

Livestock initiative supported by the government of the 47th region, which offered the farms until mid-March to articulate their needs related to the growth of the breeding herd — including, in attracting investment. Leningrad region firmly holds the first place in the Northwest for the supply of dairy products.

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