Dairy Power Apollo in Chernivtsi increased almost tenfold after reconstruction

Photo source:molbuk.ua

Dairy "Apollo" in Chernivtsi reconstructed, after which its power uvelichelis almost ten times. So, until now the company recycles 6.5 tons per day of dairy products, now has increased its production capacity to 50 tons per day.

It will also work on the import line Packaging of milk, and the range will consist of 15 items. Reconstruction cost about 15 million hryvnia. In the future, the company will allocate 20 hectares of land for the complex, which will include 2,000 cows. This is UKRINFORM reported at the headquarters of the regional state administration of agricultural development.

After all, if the new dairy will be guided only by the purchase of raw materials in the population, its products and its quality will not be able to compete with other manufacturers that have long been purchasing milk from bukovintsev.

Chernihiv region was the only one in Ukraine, which had such a venture. Now a powerful new dairy covers an area of nearly 3,000 square meters. The enterprise has formed a team of 45 specialists. The strategy is to produce high quality milk production, development and exploration of its new species, based on new and original recipes and proprietary technologies

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