Daltehenergo completed the first stage of gasification of Vladivostok TPP-2

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JSC "Daltehenergo" (part of the JSC "RAO Energy System of East"), as the general contractor and the general designer, has completed the first stage of gasification Vladivostok TPP-2. Six station boilers are fully prepared to work in the "blue" fuel.

All updated boilers supplied electronic sensors that with a radically new system is fully controlled by the boiler in the automatic mode, which provides a safe and accurate operation of heat. A new complex to provide backup fuel boilers station — black oil facilities. The system consists of a drain rack for 8 cars, fuel pump stations, fire fighting system and three fuel oil storage tanks of five thousand cubic meters each, which will ensure reliable operation of the thermal power station, even when there is a main fuel.

"Each boiler has already reached an installed capacity of 210 tons of steam per hour. Installed pipelines, ducts and fuel oil pipelines on boilers VTETS-2, produced gas-oil burner installation and reconstruction of heating surfaces of the screen, "- said General Director of JSC" Daltehenergo "Victor Sukhanov.

"JSC" Daltehenergo "undertook a comprehensive implementation of the project, which means that we are not just doing the design, construction and installation work, and produce further maintenance of all equipment. During the gasification of Vladivostok TPP-2 energy gained considerable experience, the speed of transfer to a new boiler fuel increased in stages. Also a lot of experience in the operation of the new equipment was the station staff, "- he said.

For the record:

Gasification Vladivostok TPP-2 is part of the federal target program "Economic and social development of the Trans-Baikal and Far East for the period up to 2013." It is planned that in the 4th quarter of 2012 has four boilers will be ready to receive gas, will also be put into operation two additional oil storage tank with a capacity of 5,000 cubic meters and a second gas distribution point. Prior to 2013 for natural gas must pass all 14 boilers, coal-fired earlier.

JSC "Daltehenergo" — the management company repair and construction holding OJSC "RAO Energy System of East". The company provides a full range of complex equipment and the construction of "turnkey", as well as design, engineering, installation, repair and maintenance of power in the region. In the trust of "Daltehenergo" there are 9 of repair and construction companies located in the Russian Far East. The management company of "Daltehenergo" is located in Vladivostok.

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