Damage from Hurricane Sandy huge

Damage from Hurricane Sandy huge Natural Disasters

As you know, flying through the eastern United States Hurricane Sandy country has suffered material damage as well as damage to the death of dozens of people. Official data contain information that in different states for various reasons by the disaster killed 48 people, and this is despite the fact that residents of coastal communities and the administration carefully prepared for the approximation of the hurricane and knew almost an hour to an hour when it comes.

From that fateful list 18 people were killed in New York when the metropolis was completely paralyzed by floods and power outages due to high winds. The total number of people whose lives took a hurricane is 126 people. By now you have already created map showing the location of fatalities occurred. Hardest-hit Caribbean countries, where the hurricane was in the first place.

Experts estimate that the damage to the U.S. totaled $ 45mlrd., Which is likely to make it the worst in the modern history of the country. These losses are higher than those that the U.S. suffered during Hurricane Irene. After all, even the main market of the country for a few days ceased its operation, the activities on oil rigs located in the Atlantic, is also temporarily suspended.

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