DARPA looking for a way to «kill» digital radars

DARPA looking for a way to
Experts at the U.S. Defense Department and the Agency for promising research projects (DARPA) announced their intention to create a method of dealing with digital programmable radar systems that are flexible properties of the signal.
DARPA issued a request for proposal (DARPA-BAA-12-54) for the development of adaptive systems ARC, which will be able to counteract the adaptive radar.

Modern onboard systems electronic warfare (EW) simply reveal analog radar systems operating at fixed frequencies. As EW system detect such radar, they include special noise and block its operation.

But the detection and blocking of modern programmable digital radar is much more challenging. The system, developed in the framework of programs from ARC, will fight with various types of surface-to-air radar, air-to-air. In the main this radar with a phased antenna array capable of doing several different functions: surveillance, target acquisition and tracking, guidance and tools, etc. These radar systems are very flexible in terms of coding and pulse repetition frequency.

The main problem of automatic system EW ARC is accurate identification of enemy radar friendly and neutral background signals, especially in urban criteria where there is a huge amount of noise.

ARC is automatic, real-time detection of unknown or suspicious signals, determine their risk, conduct and evaluate inhibition of countermeasures. In case of success applets ARC South American military will have a massive and effective means of «blinding» the most effective means of radar, including new aircraft radars, for example, those that are installed on the South American F-22 fighter.

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